About “Brisbane Prays”

Brisbane Prays Praying for Brisbane & Beyond

Welcome to Brisbane Prays website, we are glad to meet you, and would like it even more if you could join us at one of our prayer meetings in Brisbane.

If you can’t personally attend one of our prayer opportunities we would encourage you to contribute to the prayer culture of Brisbane, so that Brisbane can be known as a city that prays together effectively and regularly, so that it can be said “Brisbane Prays” or tweeted #BrisbanePrays!

Lets Pray Lords Prayer

Why start Brisbane Prays?

As Christians from a wide variety of churches, ethnic backgrounds and languages have said to us  that they “enjoyed praying together at Parliament House for Queensland” on the National Day of Prayer & Fasting and also said that “That we should do this more often”,  and as we were already of that opinion, we have decided to help facilitate this journey.

We would like to contribute to the culture of Brisbane…

We hope that you will join us on the journey of prayer for Brisbane….

Our Thanks

We wish to thank all of those who have been faithfully praying and interceding for the city and nation for so many years, and invite you to walk along side us as we continue the journey together. We hope to add and build upon what is already happening in our city of Brisbane. Don’t stop praying!

We also wish to thank all those in advance who will lead in different ways, contribute, volunteer, organize, participate; and most of all join us as we minister to our God in prayer and worship.

The Team

This website is brought to you by the same people that have organized the Queensland National Day of Prayer & Fasting event for the last 7 years (2011 to 2017) at the Queensland Parliament House in Alice St Brisbane City and then Brisbane City Hall. In the past these events have attracted numerous language groups and denominations including protestant, evangelical, charismatic, pentecostal and catholic and everything in between, with most people coming from around the South East Queensland area.

Our team is partnership of a number of prayer initiatives, prayer movements and prayers, with representatives coming from different churches, denominations, and parts of Brisbane.

The team that have organized the National Day of Prayer Events in Brisbane at Parliament House, currently consists of Wesley Leake  and Marilyn & David Rowsome from the National Committee for the ‘National Day of Prayer & Fasting’.  Wesley Leake also runs a ministry called Business Blessings http://businessblessings.com.au/.  Marilyn and David Rowsome are the hardworking people behind the Canberra Declaration http://www.canberradeclaration.org.au/ . Their full bio can also be found on www.nationaldayofprayer.com.au website.  Sally C has just come on board to coordinate the monthly prayer meetings, Ann a leader from the Generation Fire Brisbane Team (who has put this website together) http://www.generationfire.com.au/ ,  and various other volunteers (past and present) who we appreciate very much (or who may not want their names published here)!

Note that the “Canberra Declaration” were the instigators of the National Day of Prayer and Fasting in Australia. Thus you may have see some “cross pollination” of emails between the two if you have previously signed up at www.nationaldayofprayer.com.au or signed the Canberra Declaration or been to a previous event where you provided your contact details.

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