Bible Reading Marathon

Bible Reading Marathon in Brisbane City 2021

The next bible reading marathon (72 to 74 hours non stop – Genesis to Revelations) will be on  from 6pm Friday 26th Feb to approx 6pm Monday 1st March 2021 will be at the Speakers Corner near Parliament House in Brisbane City QLD.

Same place, same plan as the last 6 years……. except for change of date ………so if you have participated before you will be familiar with what to expect.

We need volunteers though!

Can you (or your church) volunteer for the Brisbane Bible Reading Marathon at Parliament House Speakers Corner  between 6pm Friday 26th February 2021 to Monday evening 1st March 2021, especially on some of the overnight time slots or when others are at work on the Monday?

To sign up to volunteer  can you can either:

You can volunteer as an individual, a couple, a family, group of friends, or as a team from your church. Children that can read fluently are most welcome to join in and read for 10 to 15 minute at a time.

If you can express your interest now in being a reader or a leader for a time slot that would be great, and whether you are organizing some people to come with you. When you email or facebook message can you also please indicate what times you would prefer to read and your availability.

There are plenty of other times available!  Please check facebook or email if you are wanting to find out more or gain an indication of when help is most needed. So please put it in your diary or device now, and email or FB message to volunteer.

Also, if you just happen to be walking past as it is in progress, and you would like to read, please ask the person who is the site captain at the time as to whether help is required. We’ll appreciate your company and support too. 🙂





It will again be held at the Speakers Corner outside Parliament House near the entrance to the QUT Gardens Point Campus on Alice St Brisbane City, as we also did in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.  This will go non-stop for about 75 hours, from 6pm Friday 26th February 2021 to Monday 1st March  2021 approx 6 to 9pm – that is 74 to 75 hours (depending on how fast we read).

There are no microphones or amplifiers involved, it is simply reading the bible aloud as a non stop 15 minute tag team for 3 days and nights non stop.

God is using these events to bring peace to our city. Last five years there were so many testimonies of transformed lives.  More info at Brisbane Bible Reading Marathon website.


Get updates – Facebook Link for Brisbane Bible Reading Marathon

Please check the Brisbane Bible Reading Marathon Face Book page for the most upto date information :

A very big Thank You to all those that Volunteered in previous years.

In 2017 we finished reading the book of Revelations a bit after 7pm of Monday Evening 27th February 2017, after having a constant stream of students walking past all day on Monday, as it was the first day of semester for QUT.  Having started in Genesis on Friday at 6pm, this meant that it took us a little over 73 hours to read the whole bible, non stop around the clock.


General Info for the 3 days ‘n’ 3 nights Bible Reading Marathon at Speakers Corner Parliament House

Running Bible Reading Marathons  requires lots of volunteers to be Site Captains and Bible Readers and to chat to curious people passing by day and night (6pm Fri night to Monday evening).    Please talk to people in your church and your friends about personally volunteering or helping organize a group to volunteer this year. We need volunteers to:

  • Be a site captain and help gather a team (ie leader for 3 hour time slot and fills in if someone fails to show up),
  • Be a bible reader for one or more 15 minute segments,
  • Let people know about this bible marathon through word of mouth, phone, email, social media so that there are more than enough volunteers to lead, read etc,
  • Be an audience member and listen to the bible being read, (crowds attract interest)
  • Pray quietly for those people around about, as well as for the city,
  • Talk to people walking by who are curious, to encourage them to download a bible app onto their smart phone, read their existing bible or provide them with a free bible/gospel or pamphlet, help answer any questions that they may have about the bible and the stories/people/message in it.
  • Help set up (5pm Fri) and pack up (Mon 7-8pm).
  • Provide some snacks & refreshments for volunteers at the tent.

Hosting a bible reading marathon involves lots of volunteers.

Volunteer Bible Readers are needed to read the bible in 15 minute segments, with the next volunteer continuing on with the next verse as soon as the next 15 minutes starts until the bible is read from Genesis to Revelations, which usually takes around 72 to 76 hours depending on how fast everyone is at reading aloud.

People who work in nearby offices in the city, may be able to use their break times or before and after work period to either read as part of the roster, or come along and encourage us, pray, or talk to curious people passing by.

Volunteer Site captains are also required, their role as Site Captain is to basically be in charge/coordinate/look after the site for their 3 hours during the event. The Site Captains role prior to the event (in the months prior)  is to help recruit 11 other people to read the Bible for 15 minutes each during that time from among family, friends and their church.  Even if you would like to be a Site Captain but are  unable to recruit a team (or have left it too late), you are still able to be a site captain over the weekend where vacancies exist, as many bible readers volunteer directly, or want to read multiple times and need to be slotted into a time.

Those unable or too exhausted to stand at the lectern may sit to read, especially if they are doing a number of slots in the night shifts.  For security reasons we would prefer that men/guys be the Site Captains during the night shifts, or at least have some men present.

There are also other opportunities to help, you may wish to provide assistance with setting up the shade tent and tables prior to it starting and helping to pack up at the end. You may also wish to help provide some refreshments, food or drink to those who are doing some long shifts at the tent/speakers corner. There are also opportunities to talk to people who are walking past that are curious as to what is happening, and possibly pass out a bible, or encourage someone to download a bible app on their phone. You may also wish to donate some bibles or tracts for others to give out.

You can also come along a watch and listen to the bible being read, as a crowd helps to attract a crowd and curious people. You can also invite your friends. Though we would encourage you to have your noisy conversations at a distance away from where the bible is being read, and to be quiet in the vicinity of the tent/lectern, so that people can hear the Word of God being read aloud (their is no amplification).  You may wish to bring along your camping chair and sit  around in front of the lectern, listening to the Word being read.  Sometimes there may be a spare slot for bible reading, if someone fails to turn up or gets lost, or if someones voice is going hoarse that you may be able to fill in for on the day (though this cannot be guaranteed).

On a practical level, if you are coming please consider bringing your:

  • Hat,
  • Water bottle/thermos, (There will be some drinks already onsite & water bubbler nearby in park/botanical gardens for refills.)
  • Snacks/meal with you,
  • Picnic/camping chair (optional),
  • “Go card’ for public transport OR results from your google search for car parking.
  • If the weather is overcast or raining we’d also encourage you to bring an umbrella or raincoat and plastic bag /waterproof bag with you as it is an outdoor area, as sometimes the rain comes in sideways, or the dew falls at night.
  • At night time consider bringing a small torch as a backup and for your personal use, as well as some extra clothes to stay warm when temperature drops or to cover up if there happens to be some mosquitoes around.
Brisbane Bible Reading Marathon Evening 2016
Brisbane Bible Reading Marathon Evening 2016

Where will the 3 day Bible Marathon be held:

The QLD Parliament House Speakers Corner is an outdoor area located on the end of the pedestrian section of George St, Brisbane City between the front of QLD Parliament House, the botanical gardens and the entrance to QUT Gardens Point University. Please refer to map below, though location pointer should be on the absolute end of George St.

Parking for Speakers Corner at Parliament House

We suggest catching public transport in (daytime), as parking is very expensive, remembering that catching ferry/city cat to QUT Gardens Point is also an option. Allow at least an additional 20 mins if walking from central train station or the major bus stations.

We cannot recommend any car parking station, as the closest (QUT) is now very expensive unless you have a student card to swipe.  Eg: QUT Carpark under the Riverside Expressway  costs $30 for just over an hour on weekdays unless you have a QUT student card to swipe at the parking machine. (Usually $10 per day on weekends only). (Note these prices may be outdated- so google first.)

The best deals for the car parks vary for differing days and time periods. So please “google” to find a suitable carpark before leaving home, that is suitable for your reading time, budget and to ensure that carpark will remain open for long enough.  On street parking is metered, and a clearway exists along Alice St especially during peak hours.

Location of Speakers Corner in front of QLD Parliament House – end of George St, past Alice St


Bible Reading Marathon – Call for Volunteers at Parliament House Speakers Corner

Can you volunteer for the Brisbane Bible Reading Marathon at Parliament House Speakers Corner this year between 6pm Friday 21st February  2020 to Monday 24th February 2020, especially on some of the night or early morning time slots or when others are at work on the Monday?   If so can you please sign up form at bottom  of the front page of this website 

If you can express your interest now in being a site Captain or Bible Reader that would be greatly appreciated:

  • Send a facebook message through to the Brsibane Bible Reading Marathon facebook page, or
  • Email
  • They have had issues with the sign up page on the website so please do not rely on that working.


You can also check out the facebook page for the Bible Reading Marathon at Bible Reading Marathon Facebook Page.

If you would like to run a Bible Reading Marathon in your local area, please let us know, as we can pass onto you more information and tips on how to run one.

Other Bible Reading Marathons also started at various places across the nation in past years, and will run again this year.  Here are some past testimonies from other bible reading marathons around Australia.

Bible Reading Marathon First Year it was run At Speakers Corner near Parliament
Bible Reading Marathon First Year it was run At Speakers Corner near Parliament