Generation Fire Prayer Furnace – Azusa Now – 9 April 2016

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A Generation Fire Prayer Furnace will be held this coming Saturday 9 April 2016 to coincide with “The Call -Azusa Now”  (The Call Website) being held in Los Angeles on the 110 year anniversary of the Azusa St Revival. The Waterbrook Church at Brendale has kindly agreed to host us.  Please see the details below and please refer to the Generation Fire Brisbane Facebook page for any last minute updates.

Generation Fire Logo

When: Saturday 9th April 2016,  2pm to 10pm

Why are we meeting now:  It is now 110 years since the start of the Azusa St revival in 1905, which lasted 3 years, with other flow on revival meetings at other places continuing on after that time. The effect of the Azusa St revival bought about more salvations than the last 19 centuries combined, and also opened up peoples hearts to move with Holy Spirit like never before.  We are praying to re-dig the wells of revival, and to have progression from a John the Baptist movement (calling for Repentance) to Jesus movement (where masses of people are coming to know Jesus personally all around the globe).  “Azusa Now is built on the great hope that this revival can happen again. In 1913, both William Seymour and Maria Woodworth-Etter separately proclaimed that in 100 years, the Holy Spirit would be poured out again, even stronger this time.” ( Like the Prophet Daniel (in Daniel chapter 9, especially verse 2) we want to cry out to God, and say its time to send revival again.

Other Generation Fire Prayer Furnaces are also being held around Australia see (& internationally), so we’ll be part of the “mexican prayer wave” that is starting in the Pacific Islands and ending in LA (due to our different time zones and various prayer movements and groups joining in).

Who can come: All Christians who feel called to pray and worship. All ages are welcome (just need to be breathing – not just for youth). Children (no junior Holy Spirit) are also welcome provided that they want to participate or don’t mind quietly occupying themselves under their parents supervision.  Afternoon start hopefully provides a more family friendly time for some.

Who are the organizers: Generation Fire is a prayer movement that has its origins in Australia and has spread to many other nations as well. A number of the original leaders were also in the Youth Arise prayer movement around the year 2000.  The local Generation Fire leaders are also partnering with local leaders and friends in the Moreton Bay area, many of whom were involved in the 30 hour Moreton Area United prayer and worship time that was held in April 2015. If you would like to find out more about the Generation Fire prayer movement please check out their website at

I want to be involved: We are still looking for some musicians and worship leaders as we would like to be able to have a different worship team leading every 2 hours.  If you would like to help out on the day,   please email:  or contact Stephen Jenyns on his mobile: 0423 957920

Duration: We have allocated 8 hours to prayer and worship, however, don’t feel that you have to come for all of it, especially if you already have other commitments or are in need of an early night.  Please slip in and out quietly as you need to. We may linger a little longer than 10pm for those that are keen, and will go with the flow on the night.

Food & Drink: As “The Call” in Los Angeles is a prayer and fasting event, so we will not be providing food or meals, and we would rather stay focused on prayer and worship. There will be water, tea and coffee available. For those that are eating or are on a partial fast, we suggest that you bring your own sandwich or juice (etc) and slip out and eat it at your convenience. We would appreciate it if you bought your own water bottle, to save on washing up and reduce the number of disposable cups required.

What to bring: Yourself, your friends, some people you know from church, your bible,  pen/pencil, musical instrument (if applicable), worship banners (if you own any), water bottle, light jumper/jacket in case it gets a little cold. We will likely to be sitting or standing around in a circle with the majority of the furniture moved to the edges of the room, so you may wish to bring some cushions or a gym mat or sit on, kneel on or lie down on (if your body is weary).

Cost: Free, however a donation would be appreciated so that we can bless and thank our hosts for opening their facility and church up for us.

Where: Waterbrook Church ;  4/21 Duntroon Street Brendale QLD 4500. (Doesn’t Duntroon St and Duntroon Village sound like a good place for the prayer army to meet?)

Directions: The Waterbrook church is in a safe industrial estate with easy access from Gympie Arterial Rd /Bruce Hwy. If you are coming from the Brisbane City direction on Gympie Rd, take the Bald Hills/Carseldine Exit after the big service station, turn left (west towards mountains) near Bunnings & Guide Dogs into Linkfield St, cross the North Pine River and then turn right into South Pine Road, and then left into Duntroon St.  Then look out for sign “Duntroon Trade Centre”, the church is in that business complex towards the back. A “Waterbrook Church” sign will be in front of their building.

If you are coming from the Sunshine Coast, (don’t take any exits to airport or Gold Coast),  take the Strathpine Rd Exit from the freeway, then turn right (west toward mountains), cross the North Pine River, and then turn left into Kremzow Rd at lights, turn left (south) at next lights onto South Pine Rd and then right into Duntroon St. Then look out for sign “Duntroon Trade Centre”, the church is in that business complex towards the back. A “Waterbrook Church” sign will be in front of their building.

Please park on the street, unless you have been guided as to which businesses designated car spaces you can & cannot use (definately need to keep businesses  roller door access free). There are only a few car parks available inside the complex, and they would be best left for the people with musical gear, the church staff, or those who are disabled.

If you can’t make it to this prayer event, please consider watching “The Call” live online at www.God.TV or finding a friend who has God TV, or consider running an event in your local area.

The Call website says that the main event in the Los Angeles Stadium  runs for 15 hours from 7am to 10:30 their time (California USA),  which will also be broadcast on God TV.     As Brisbane is about 17 hours ahead of Los Angeles this means that it should be on air on between midnight Saturday to 3:30pm Sunday Brisbane time. Consider encouraging your church to have it on the big screen before and after their church services on the Sunday.