Current Prayer &/or Worship Initiatives

This is a list of the current prayer and worship initiatives in South East Queensland and Australia that we are aware of:

  • National Day of Prayer & Fasting – Sunday 11 Feb 2018

    – Churches across Australia are encouraged to take some time in their services to pray for the nation. Resources for this can be found on

  • Additional Prayer meetings across Australia and Globally

    Extra Prayer meetings in your area may be able to be found in your area at . It offers a Global Calendar and Map with flames that indicating where people are praying.

  • Online prayer meetings

    Allowing people across Australia to pray together most days of the week online via “Zoom” or by phoning in to join the “zoom” meeting. (Please see below)

  • 40 day prayer and praise relay

    A prayer and praise/worship relay that follows on from the National Day of Prayer 14 Feb 2018 to 25 March 2018)

  • 40 Days for Life

    Prayer vigils are held outside abortion clinics around the world to pray for the end of abortion between the 14 Feb 2018  and 25 March 2018. It is not known whether any vigils have been organized for Brisbane at this stage, but all are encouraged to pray at home and in their churches to save the life of babies, and to also pray that mothers would be supported and that laws making it easy to adopt babies would be introduced.


Sunrise Prayer Relay

The prayer relay has run on New Years Day for 2016 and 2017, and we are asking people again to pray at sunrise on New Years Day. We would encourage people to gather a group and meet at a lookout, landmark, hill, mountain, park ,beach, hall, or church to pray and worship at sunrise. Some groups may be able to be found on the facebook page 

Plan B, especially if you are on holidays, might be to walk to the beach/park or go outside into the backyard or sit on a porch/verandah/back deck or under your caravan awning/tent flap,  to pray either alone or with your family to welcome the new year in.

The idea is to pray the Lords Prayer, read some scriptures, have a time of worship (psalms, music from a device, guitar, singing etc), commit the year to God, pray for the region you are in and to pray for the nation. There is also a declaration on the   webpage that can be read out and declared across the area. Also have a quiet time to tune into and listen to God.

You can also most your sunrise pictures or silhouttes of the group against the sunrise on facebook  so that others can enjoy the photos too, and see where new groups were meeting. (Remember to get permission from all others before putting photos of other peoples faces on facebook.)

First light is about 30 minutes before the sun actually rises above the horizon. In reality the sun gradually dawns from east to west across the nation, but this is not reflected in our clocks due to the different time zones and daylight savings.   In Brisbane and Perth first light is approximately around 4:20 to 4:30am local time with sunrise around quarter to five or ten to five local time.  In Broome WA and Hobart TAS, first light is approximately quarter to five (to ten to 5am) local time, with sunrise approximately quarter past five (to half past 5).  In Sydney, Cairns and Alice Springs first light is about quarter past 5, with sunrise about 5:40 to 5:45.  In Adelaide and Melbourne first light is about twenty past to half past five in the morning, with sunrise being not long before 6am. The internet searches for sunrise times could be “out”, so they don’t replace actual observations!

Australia Wide Prayer Call via “Zoom” & Phone

Prayer meetings online using ‘zoom’ ( or by phoning in) are taking place every day of the week except Sunday, during which youtube worship songs are shared, large group prayer occurs and we also divide into smaller “Break out” rooms so that everyone usually has an opportunity to prayer. People from Cairns in the North to Tasmania in the south, plus people from Brisbane & Sydney  in the east to the mining areas of Western Australia, from city  and country and locations have all been regularly joining in. We have even had an occasional visitor from the USA joining in to pray for Australia with us.

During September  we met three times per day every day of the week. From October onwards, and til 25 January 18 it will only be 7am AEST, and from December to 15 April it will be twice daily Monday to Saturday  7am to 8am AEST and also in the evening between 8pm and 9:30pm AEST.

So for us Queenslanders, that means we are meeting to pray at 6am (local time) for one hour, and 7pm (local time) for an hour and a half every day of the week except Sunday (and even through the holidays).  When daylight savings finishes on the 1st Sunday in April 2018, us Queenslanders will then be joining the call at 7am and 8pm local time instead.  (For NSW, VIC, TAS & ACT daylight savings operates between first Sunday in October to first Sunday in April every year.)

During these prayer calls we are praying for whatever is topical at the time, plus we are planning on praying into the following:

  • Praying for Australia’s leaders, its government and its people.
  • Revival in us, evangelism, and harvest of people into the Kingdom of God.
  • Commonwealth Games Queens Baton relay across Australia (from 25 January – 4th April) – We will be praying for awakening and harvest in each of the towns that the baton passes through that day. .
  • National Day of Prayer & Fasting- theme “Revival” – 10 Feb 2018 – For the coming together of multiple interdenominational prayer & worship events across Australia- preferably one for every town, city or region.
  • Bible reading Marathons around the country that often coincide with the National Day of Prayer & Fasting.
  • 40 Day Prayer Relay (14 Feb – 25 March 2018)
  • Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018 (4-15 April).

To participate in these zoom online prayer meetings (or phone in) please please email Sim  on to learn how to get on the call. When emailing Sim it would be appreciated if you could  also please include your phone number.   To pass on specific prayer points for your town or city please also email Sim  on

A multiplication of prayer across the nation and its islands is sought, so please be encouraged to start your own regular ‘zoom’, ‘skype’, ‘facetime’ or telephone conference prayer meetings with a group of friends, ministry or churches ….That is in addition to having them in your local church, loungeroom, park, office, shed  etc.  Particularly if you are unfamiliar with the technology and would like to run a prayer meeting over “zoom” we would encourage you to first join the existing ‘zoom’ pray call to get the hang of it.

Queens Baton Relay – Prayer Focus

We will be praying for towns and cities that the Queens Baton(s) pass through during the lead up to the Commonwealth Games from 25 January – 4th April 2018.

If you live in one of those locations indicated on the map below on or on the website or or on the map below (sourced from ), we would appreciate receiving some specific prayer points for your town/city, to do so please email  Sim  on

The QLD locations where the Baton for Commonwealth Games will pass are listed on the webpage, you will just need to scroll down to the very bottom of the page or look at the list on this page of this website.

The long list of locations and dates are also listed on a separate page of this webpage under the ‘Initiatives’ menu at

Map showing the route for the Commonwealth Map showing the route for the Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay. Source:
Map showing the route for the Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay. Source:













40 Days for Life

Prayer vigils are held outside abortion clinics around the world to pray for the end of abortion between 14 Feb 2018 to 25 March 2018. Please see for more information.

It is not known whether any vigils have been organized for Brisbane at this stage at this time (it has been some in past years).  However, whether something official has been organized or not all are encouraged to pray at home, and in our churches.

We would also encourage people to become aware of where the abortion clinics are near them, and to be reminded to pray as we pass by in our cars, on public transport or walk past.

You may also want to sing/pray/adapt some worship songs like “Nothing but the blood of Jesus”, “Jesus loves us, yes we know, for the bible tells us so”, “Nothing is to difficult for God”, and pray the Lords prayer or read/declare some scriptures.

Please pray:

  • That laws making it easy to adopt babies would be introduced, including ability for adoptive parents to decide and start the process to adopt a particular baby during the pregnancy and especially during the early stages of a pregnancy with the pregnant woman’s approval. (30 days after the babies birth is too late to stop abortions.) Also that potential adoptive parents would be able to provide financial and practical support to the pregnant mother.
  • For a change of culture to dry up demand and need for abortions;
  • Men will rise up to protect women from unwelcome sexual advances, and not be part of the problem;
  • Self sacrificial love and care would replace lust and/or rejection of the women and her/their baby;
  • Boyfriends, husbands and partners will step up and take responsibility. That they will not coerce and manipulate their partner into having an abortion; nor will they emotionally blackmail the women by threatening or actually rejecting or abandoning them if they don’t have an abortion.
  • Prostitution and abuse of women would dry up;
  • Men will rise up and protect babies and pregnant women from all harm (like the ANZACs fighting to protect their families and children);
  • The lives of babies will be saved;
  • That people who can help these women will be in the right place at the right time, where ever that might be;
  • That the shedding of innocent blood in sacrifice and murder of babies will stop;
  • Ask God to rebuke the evil powers at all levels that are behind child sacrifice, lust, murder and abortion; Ask God to send his  ministering Angels into the situation;
  • Pray that the spiritual doors of death will be closed and doors to life opened (it needs to be done repeatedly- as murder reopens them);
  • Staff in these clinics will find good jobs else where (outside the death industry),
  • Abortion clinics will be open less frequently and eventually close their doors;
  • Owners of these clinics would find more profitable ventures elsewhere;
  • Tele-abortions (consultation by phone then poisonous pills sent in mail) will stop;
  • New mothers will receive support, practical advice, practical assistance (nappies/prams/baby food etc), emotional encouragement & support, counselling, and somewhere safe to live if necessary.
  • Extended family will be willing to take on the care of their new family member instead of “getting rid of it”,  mothers and family members affected by abortion will be able to grieve and get adequate counselling .
  • That women who were duped into an abortion will rise up and speak up.
  • That all Australians would become aware of proposed pushes by some MP’s and some political parties (eg Greens and Labor party) to push for law changes to allow abortions up to the day of birth. Also become aware of pushes to prevent people praying or using signs/banners or quietly talking to people within  within 150m of abortion clinics even when on sidewalk/ public property.
  • Aussies would “wake up” and be proactive about saving the lives of the next generation and those in their own extended family.
  • That woman that have had abortions, that are still suffering,  will be able to break the silence and get the support and counsel that they need.
  • Ultrasounds for every abortion will be compulsory before the abortion for mothers to view and with the staff in abortion clinics will have to use ultrasounds during the process of killing the baby. This is to bring a reality check and wake up call for mothers and staff – that it is actually a baby that is alive, reacts, cringes and tries to hide and flee to the other side of the womb (but doesn’t have anywhere to flee to) …That it is not an like a cancer (or bunch of dead body cells) in the mothers body that must be removed…. it is an alive baby that has senses and feelings.
  • Pray that people will realize that each baby has a fully developed personal spirit from the time that they are conceived. Some people think of the personal spirit like a candle, or spark of life or the breath of life or a persons ‘presence’.  The spirit is fully alive and has memory right from the start before the brain has developed.  Though a persons spirit is usually undeveloped/untrained as adults  with communicating with the brain in a language we understand (it more whispers than shouts).
    • There are stories of children and adults being baffled as why they know or can remember pieces of music that they have never heard before, only to find out later that their mother (eg concert musician) practiced that piece of music regularly whilst they were pregnant but didn’t play it again after they gave birth.
  • That GP’s will give life supporting advice to protect the babies from being murdered.
    • GP’s will be supported by laws and in their medical practices to protect the lives of babies, and not be forced to provide referrals to abortion clinics.
    • That doctors, GP’s , nurses and GP’s will be able to:
      • Offer (life giving) alternatives and support.
      • Refer them proper counselling and to places where they can get practical and financial help. Organizations like ‘Cherish Life’  and ‘Priceless Life Centre’ can help.
      • Will order ultrasounds and that mothers will view them,
      • Will inform women (partners & family) that they are likely to suffer mentally/ emotionally/spiritually if the life of their baby is terminated (eg. grief, loss, something missing,  guilt, shame, depression, have difficulty watching other peoples children in the playground).  Instead of relieving them of all problems, it could create another bigger problem  – comprised mental health, in a culture that doesn’t encourage talking about the grief (etc) associated with abortion.
      • Talk clearly about the real surgical risks of abortion  (results in guaranteed death to the baby, mothers health could be endangered, wombs can be damaged). Ambulances have been called to abortion clinics before to attend to the mother/woman.
      • Outline and explain the various abortion procedure that could be used on their baby and in their womb -explaining how babies are often dismembered,  poisoned, strong chemicals used, how body parts are vacuumed/ sucked out of the womb, and some viable babies (that could have been saved) are abandoned and left to die in the abortion clinic rooms alone.
  • Pray the mothers and families will learn how to bless their babies whilst they are in still in the womb.Pray that it will become common knowledge in the community of how babies can respond in the womb to being talked to and interacted with, be given a head start developmentally/educationally, and how babies spirits can be blessed whilst still in the womb.  This will in turn help the community value babies in the womb instead of rejecting them.
    • Google such topics such as “bonding with your baby bump”, “reasons to talk to your baby bump” in pregnancy related websites.
    • There are some excellent resources on blessing babies whilst they are in the womb that have been developed by Arthur Burk of Sapphire Leadership Group, a christian ministry based in USA.  Google “Arthur Burk blessings for babies in the womb”.    This ministry that has plenty of free articles, blogs, youtube videos and audio that can be downloaded free generated over more than 20 years.  Physical products can also be bought from

So that you know where the abortion clinics are, so that your prayers can be more specific, they have been listed below.

Clinics to kill babies upto 13/18 weeks in in South East Queensland are located at:

  • Marie Stopes : 8 Campbell St Bowen Hills QLD (corner of Abbotsford Rd- one block north from the Bowen Hills Train Station). Consider praying also as you are on the train from Bowen Hills to Fortitude Valley- its nearly above you near the exit of the tunnel immediately after Bowen Hills train station.
  • Marie Stopes :18/8 Catherine St Wooloongabba QLD  on Brisbanes Southside and 34 Cougal St Southport on the Gold Coast
  • Greenslopes Day Surgery :687 Logan Road Greenslopes
  • Options Clinic at 383 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, plus 127 Wharf Street (Pacific Highway) Tweed Heads NSW.
  • Salisbury Day Surgery 11 Hayling Street Salisbury
  • East Coast Womens Centre 115 Howard St Nambour

By medication to kill babies (bring on a miscarriage) upto 9 weeks old in South East Queensland are at:

    • Australian Women’s Health:    Point Medical Clinic 685 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, QLD; plus Smith Brothers Medical Clinic 91-99 Ewing Rd, Woodridge.
    • A doctors and skin clinic at Logan Hyperdome
    • Pivotal Health at Stocklands Cleveland
    • Victoria Point Surgery, 1 Bunker St
    • Sunnybank Family Practice, 661 Compton Road, Sunnybank Hills
    • Eastbrooke Family Clinic 8-1 Santa Maria Court, Burleigh Waters

Teleabortions: Tabbot Foundation – 261 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD, plus many capital cities such as Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, Perth and Hobart). Many surgeries listed on this page  (eg Marie Stopes) also provide these poisons pills via phone consult/mail.

Other locations in Australia (not exhaustive list):

  • Other Marie  Stopes are located at Rockhampton, South Townsville, Canberra City. In NSW there are clinics in Macquarie St Sydney, Westmead, Penrith/ Kingswood, Broadmeadow/ Newcastle.  In Melbourne they are located at East Melbourne, St Kilda, Croydon, Mill Park and Wyndham Vale. There are also Abortion clinics in Midland/Perth WA and in Casuarina/Darwin NT.
  • Gynaecology Centres Australia (GCA) has abortion clinics in Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra and Gosford.
  • Medication method upto 7/9 weeks: Cooktown QLD,
  • Pregnancy Advisory Centre in South Australia or Family Advisory Unit at Bedford Park, Noarlunga Hospital, hospital at Elizabeth Vale, Women and Childrens hospital North Adelaide,Berrii, Clare, Gawler, Geelong, Mount Gambier, Port augusta, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Tanunda, Victor Harbour, Wallaroo, Warrnambool, Whyalla Hospital.
  • Pregnancy Advisory Centre- Royal Womens Hospital (Vic), Family Planning Victoria
  • etc