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Brisbane Prays – Introduction

This website is here to help you find about opportunities to corporately pray in Brisbane and Queensland which are open for Christians of all denominations which provide an avenue for praying and lifting our cities, towns, state and nation upto God.

Read on in sections below for information about the monthly prayer meetings hosted by “Brisbane Prays”.

You might also want to check our the facebook page for both Brisbane Prays and National Day of Prayer Events plus some updates on topics that need praying into….

As we are aiming to encourage prayer in our region, we have also listed other prayer opportunities which can be viewed under the menu “Other Prayer Opportunities” with separate pages for the opportunities in South East Queensland, Regional Queensland and also other prayer opportunities online or at your place. You will also find details of yearly prayer events (including National Day of Prayer Fasting Events and Bible Reading Marathons which are usually held in Feb /March each year) under different menus on this website depending on whether they are upcoming or past events.

Note as of 20 February 2021, this website will be the sole responsibility of the leaders listed on the Contact Us page, as the long term webmaster will no longer be carrying out any updates. To avoid disappointment, please confirm that event is on, via facebook or email or phone before travelling to an event.

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Summary Details for “Brisbane Prays” Monthly Prayer Meetings in 2021:

Kangaroo Pt Uniting Church
Kangaroo Pt Uniting Church

Venue: Uniting Church 40-48 Linton Rd,  Kangaroo Point .  (Its about 1 block away from the Gabba stadium on the city side.)

Venue for 10 Feb 21 is online on “Zoom”, please refer to facebook page  to gain zoom link.

Please check the facebook page to confirm venue before turning up to determine whether the monthly prayer meeting is online or at the church for that particular month.

Date: Every 2nd Wednesday of the month in 2021.  Dates: Wed 9 Dec 20.  Wed 10 Feb 21, 10 March 21, 14 April 21, 12 May 21, 9 June 21, 14 July 21, 11 Aug 21 (Ekka show day), 8 Sept 21, 13 Oct 21, 10 Nov 21, 8 Dec 21.

Note that from 2017 to November 2020 meetings were every second Thursday of the month (with some on zoom during covid), starting from December 2020, meetings will now be every second Wednesday of the month.

Time: 7-9 pm

For more info contact: Sally on 0416 041115 or;  OR Wes on 0457 288872 or

Parking: If coming along Ipswich Rd/Main St, then turn into Princess St where you will see a MacDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken on each corner. Main carpark is off Princess St within first block.

Location of Kangaroo Point Uniting Church – note main carpark off Princess Street.


Purpose of “Brisbane Prays”

The aim of this gathering is for Christians in Brisbane:

  • to pray together in unity for revival and reformation in our city,
  • to partner with him and each other to change our city through prayer,
  • provide an opportunity for interdenominational prayer, and
  • to provide a strong foundation for the National Day of Prayer & Fasting each year

Let our example, worship and prayers be an encouragement to all the Christians within Brisbane, to encourage them to live a life of prayer, worship & holiness, and to pray BIG prayers for Brisbane.

We would love to see  the culture of Brisbane  change to be a City of Prayer, with many many opportunities on formal and informal basis to say or tweet #BrisbanePrays! and hear heaven rejoice with joy at the sound of our prayers.

As you will see on this website, we also wish to encourage other prayer and worship groups that are praying in their area to prosper, and we encourage the networking of prayer groups.  Other Prayer groups and opportunities in SE Qld are listed here, and prayer groups and opportunities in regional Queensland are listed on a separate page of this website.

What will we be praying about if we come?

As obvious as it sounds, our main focus for prayer will be for the City of Brisbane and Queensland, and national issues that affect us. We aim to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and prompt us with regard to the issues that are upon God’s heart with regard to our city.

P.S. We also need to remember when praying for our city and nation that we also need to pray for God’s favourite city -Jerusalem & favourite nation- Israel, because they are still on God’s heart, just as they were in both Old and New Testaments as they are his family.  In fact many ANZACs lost their lives in both world wars in liberating the land of Israel from the Turkish occupiers on many different fronts (a) from the south from Beersheba & northwards through historical Israel, (b) Turkish front in Gallipoli. Our ANZACs also prevented the Jews from being exterminated in the Holocaust at Tobruk in Egypt,  France (etc) and held off an invasion into Israel at the Suez Canal etc. Those who bless Jerusalem and Israel will also be blessed, we as a nation of Australia need to bless them with our prayers and government support, if we as Australians wish to remain under the blessing of God.

What format will the prayer meeting take?

Usually we have a very simple format. We often share what we believe God is wanting us to pray about, and then pray as a group, or break off into smaller groups to pray, and then regroup to pray about next “topic”.   We’ll sometimes be practicing praying the bible, so bring your bible.

We have been sitting and standing around in a circle, or as number of circles as more people come along….

Who may come to the Brisbane Prays Prayer Meetings?

All Christians that have a heart for prayer and the city are welcome to come.

Currently we have people coming from a smattering of different churches and denominations from around Brisbane and further afield, so we are all enjoying meeting lots of new people!

When and where does “Brisbane Prays” meet?

Monthly prayer meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month,  between 7pm to 9pm (except for January) at the Uniting Church in Kangaroo Point, 40-48 Linton Rd. Main carpark is off Princess St.

As a bit of history we started meeting on a monthly basis, on every second Thursday of the month starting in April 2015 at the Baptist Church in Fairfield on the southside of Brisbane, and later in 2015 we changed the venue to a more central location to New Hope Church in Kelvin Grove.   From March 2017 we have been meeting at the Uniting Church in Kangaroo Point. From December 2020, we changed from every second Thursday of the month to every second Wednesday of the month.

We have met once at Queensland Parliamentary Annexe in 2016, but were unable to make that a regular arrangement.

We don’t have access to a kitchen or tea and coffee facilities at the church in Kangaroo point so though we would like to provide the opportunity to fellowship over food or tea/coffee beforehand we don’t have the facilities to do so, unless the hall happens to be vacant and booked for our use. Though you are free to meet up with friends at MacDonalds or KFC beforehand or after which is a few doors down the road.   We plan to finish by 9pm for those that need to work the following day.

When is the next “Brisbane Prays” prayer meeting? (Plus Date Claimers)

Monthly prayer meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month in starting in December 2020 and continuing into 2021 (with the exception of January). (Previously it was Thursdays from 2017 to 2020)

Date Claimers for Monthly “Brisbane Prays”  Meetings in 2021  (Brisbane, Queensland) :

Please mark your calendars and diary with these dates….. (time is 7pm).

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month in 2021


National Day of Prayer & Fasting Saturday 27 Feb 2020.

March: 10 March 21,

April: 14 April 21,

May: 12 May 21,

June: 9 June 21,

July: 14 July 21,

August: Aug 21 (Brisbane Ekka show day),

September: 8 Sept 21,

October: 13 Oct 21,

November: 10 Nov 21,

December: 8 Dec 21.


Where does “Brisbane Prays” meet?

Kangaroo Point Uniting Church, Main Church building. 40-48 Linton Rd, Kangaroo Point QLD

Location of where Brisbane Prays meets- note main carpark to Uniting Church is off Princess St

Who is organizing these “Brisbane Prays” Prayer meetings?

Please refer to the About page on this website for more details:

To Recap the Monthly Prayer Meetings for “Brisbane Prays”:

Venue: Uniting Church in Kangaroo Point (main church building).  Please check the facebook page to confirm venue before turning up to determine whether the monthly prayer meeting is online or at the church.

Address: 40-48 Linton Rd, Kangaroo Point QLD, carpark entrance off Princess St.      Easiest way to get to the church is to come along Ipswich Rd /Mains St and turn into Princess St at the lights where there is a MacDonalds and Kentucky Fried on each corner.
Date: Every 2nd Wednesday of the month from Dec 20, then 10 Feb 2021. (Note change from Thursdays to Wednesdays.)
Time: 7-9 pm
See you there! Lets hear Brisbane Pray!


You may also want to check out our other pages on this website:

  • Next National Day of Prayer is on 27th February 2021. Decentralised onsite locations are proposed due to COVID restrictions in 2021. Please check facebook page on  to find out locations, (once these locations have been confirmed).
  • The National Day of Prayer & Fasting Event for QLD from 2012 to 2016 was held at the Queensland Parliamentary Annexe as part of the National Day of Prayer & Fasting.
  • In  2017 the National Day of Prayer & Fasting Event for Brisbane was was held in the Brisbane City Hall.
  • In 2018 it was Sommerville House near the Mater Hospital in South Brisbane.
  • On 2 March 2019 it was at the River Life Church in Seventeen Miles Rocks on Brisbane’s southside.
  • From 2017 onwards the focus has changed to simultaneous regional/local events all around the nation on the National Day of Prayer & Fasting itself.
  • 2020 event was in a church on Ann St in Brisbane City, with a worship stage set up in King George Square in the evening.
  • Details of these previous events have been archived under the “Past Events” menu. As details of new events become available these will also be posted.
  • Bible Reading Marathon is held on the same weekend as the main yearly National Day of Prayer and Fasting event, which is usually about 40 days before Easter. ie will start on Fri evening 26th February 2021 at “Speakers Corner” near Parliament house and QUT Gardens Point entrance.
      • Links to websites where you can find prayer points, plus find out where some training in prayer, intercession and worship is being held can be found here.