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These are the options to find out more about Brisbane Prays or receive notifications:

  • Please have a look around this website to see if your questions may have already been answered. There are a number of pages and numerous links on this website.
  • If you are already receiving emails from us, please also check your email and junk email boxes as the answers to your questions may have already been answered.
  • You may also wish to check out the National Day of Prayer & Fasting website and leave a comment there (if its not specific to Brisbane).
  • If you would like to receive reminders of when the next Brisbane Prays event or National Day of Prayer event is on you have a few options:
    • Sign the Canberra Declaration and you will (though not immediately) get added to the National Day of Prayer for Queensland  database.
    • Attend an Annual National Day of Prayer & Fasting event in Brisbane and look out for a sign up sheet at the event.
  • You can contact the leaders directly with your questions, OR to confirm that an event is on OR if you are an event organizer and wish to see this website updated:
    • Wes Leake 0457 288872 or OR
    • Sally Cleland on 0416 041115 or

If you still have some outstanding questions or need to contact us you are welcome to send Wes or Sally an email.

Note: The provision of email address on this website  is not permission for you to use it for any other purpose – including marketing your services or spamming these email address.

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