Current Prayer &/or Worship Initiatives

This is a list of the current prayer and worship initiatives in South East Queensland and Australia that we are aware of:

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Bible Reading Marathons

There will be a number around Australia coinciding with the National Day of Prayer and Fasting, including one in Brisbane City.

National Day of Prayer & Fasting

The National Day of Prayer and Fasting is held annually usually in February or March, on a Saturday, approximately 40 days before Easter or the Passover.

People, groups and churches praying and worshipping God in unity for a national awakening and for millions to come to Christ.

The next National Day of Prayer and Fasting is on Saturday 27th Feb 2021.

Churches across Australia are encouraged to take some time in their weekend services to pray for the nation. Resources for this can be found on

Australia Wide Prayer Call via “Zoom” & Phone

There are a number of prayer meetings taking online using ‘zoom’ software/app ( or by phoning in) are taking place (the frequencies varies at different times of the year), during which youtube worship songs are shared, large group prayer occurs and the larger group also divides into smaller “Break out” rooms so that everyone usually has an opportunity to pray. People from Cairns in the North to Tasmania in the south, plus people from Brisbane & Sydney  in the east to the mining areas of Western Australia, from city  and country and locations have all been regularly joining in.

During these prayer calls we are praying for whatever is topical at the time, plus we are planning on praying into the following:

  • Praying for Australia’s leaders, its government and its people.
  • Revival in us, evangelism, and harvest of people into the Kingdom of God.
  • These 8 topics: The Gospel, Leaders, Freedom Of Speech, Education, Families, Sexual Integrity, Dignity of Life, Spiritual Renewal.
  • We also pray into current issues, topics and events that are effecting the nation, and will often join in with other national prayer initiatives. eg drought, bushfires, proposed legislation.

To participate in these zoom online prayer meetings (or phone in) please keep a watch on emails from the National Day of Prayer or Canberra Declaration team or check out website and search for zoom. The times do change throughout the year, and there is more than one zoom meeting room depending on who is running it and also depending on what other prayer initiatives they are partnering with at the time. One example is:

There  are a number of different zoom prayer meetings going on, so when you are at a prayer meeting ask around, as you may find one that suits you.

Alternatively, you may decide to start your own prayer room online using the zoom platform with a group of friends or your church. Prices start at about A$22 a month, which enables a prayer & worship meeting to run online for 24 hours a day with upto 100 people each day of the month.

Many more online prayer groups have sprung up during COVID. So ask around.


Local Prayer Meetings in various locations around South East Queensland

Look under the menu “Prayer Opportunities in Brisbane & SEQ”  on this website and for more specific details about the “Brisbane Prays” Prayer Meeting see .

Local Prayer Meetings in various locations around regional Queensland

Additional Prayer meetings across Australia and Globally

Extra Prayer meetings in your area may be able to be found in your area at  or It offers a Global Calendar and Map with flames that indicating where people are praying.


40 Days for Life

Prayer vigils are held outside abortion clinics around the world to pray for the end of abortion usually around March/April each year. (worldwide website)

The Brisbane event details can be found at

We would also encourage people to become aware of where the abortion clinics are near them, and to be reminded to pray as we pass by in our cars, on public transport or walk past.

You may also want to sing/pray/adapt some worship songs like “Nothing but the blood of Jesus”, “Jesus loves us, yes we know, for the bible tells us so”, “Nothing is to difficult for God”, and pray the Lords prayer or read/declare some scriptures.

All are encouraged to pray at home and in their churches to save the life of babies, for example:

  1. Ugly abortion laws reversed.
  2. Independent counselling for women
  3. That mothers would be supported through their journey with keeping and raising their baby
  4. That laws and processes making it easy to adopt babies would be introduced, be administered by pro-adoption organisations, plus facilitate  babies to go to a adoptive family soon after birth. Subsequently that many babies would be offered up for adoption (instead of having their lives ended).
    • Currently only 2 to 12 babies and young children are offered up for adoption each year in Queensland. Many of these babies go to someone in the extended family.
    • The Queensland Government legally is the only entity that can currently arrange adoptions. One part-time child safety officer from “The Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women”  is responsible for all adoptions in Queensland. It is currently illegal for an individual or a charity to organize adoption(s) in Queensland.
    • Currently the conversation about adoption can only start 30 days after the baby has been born, then there is months of counselling, so that the baby is likely to be about 9 months old before reaching adoptive parents, and been in the care of foster parents in the interim. Pregnant mothers asking about adoption are told to go away and come back once the baby is 30 days old.
    • There is a very long waiting list of couples wanting to adopt babies. Many are more than happy to adopt a disabled baby. There is no such thing as an unwanted baby.
  5. That 25% of our babies (and population) would cease to have their lives ended through abortion (this is based on an abortion lobby estimate of approximately 100,000 abortions per year in Australia). This has numerous flow on effects for many decades to come in our nation, including economically, with the ratio of tax payers to retirees decreasing, creating a demographic crisis with not enough tax payers to pay the bills of the retirees and pensioners.
  6. That adoption would become a viable alternative for infertile biological couples, and those that cannot afford IVF treatment (eg $10,000 per cycle) to enable numerous couples to be able to start a family of their own.


Online Prayer Meetings

People of prayer all across Australia to pray using online technology such as “Zoom” or by phoning in to join the “zoom” meeting to connect with each other, for years prior to COVID. (See “Prayer Call” example above which you can join.)

A multiplication of prayer across the nation and its islands is sought, so please be encouraged to start your own regular online (eg ‘zoom’, ‘skype’, ‘facetime’ ) or telephone conference prayer meetings with a group of friends, ministry or churches etc.….That is in addition to having prayer meeting and worship times in your local church, lounge room, park, office, shed  etc.

Particularly if you are unfamiliar with the technology and would like to run a prayer meeting over “zoom” we would encourage you to first join the existing ‘zoom’ pray call to get the hang of it.

Some groups coordinate their online prayer meetings via Apps such as Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp.


Sunrise Prayer Relay- New Years Day

The prayer relay has run annually on New Years Day from 2016 to 2021, and we are asking people again to pray at sunrise on New Years Day 2022. We would encourage people to gather a group and meet at a lookout, landmark, hill, mountain, park ,beach, hall, or church to pray and worship at sunrise. Some groups may be able to be found on the facebook page 

If you are on holidays, might be to walk to the beach/park or go outside into the backyard or sit on a porch/verandah/back deck or under your caravan awning/tent flap,  to pray either alone or with your family to welcome the new year in.    Plan B,  if you miss the sunrise or your friends weren’t available then ….   we’d still love you to consider praying with some friends on New Years Eve, New Years Day or at sunset on New Years Day. …the prayer relay around Australia will then just stretch a little longer.

The idea is to pray the Lords Prayer, read some scriptures, have a time of worship (psalms, music from a device, guitar, singing etc), commit the year to God, pray for the region you are in and to pray for the nation. There is also a declaration on the   webpage that can be read out and declared across the area. Also have a quiet time to tune into and listen to God.

You can also post your sunrise pictures or silhouttes of the group against the sunrise on FB  so that others can enjoy the photos too, and see where new groups were meeting. (Remember to get permission from all others before putting photos of other peoples faces on facebook.)

First light is about 30 minutes before the sun actually rises above the horizon. In reality the sun gradually dawns from east to west across the nation, but this is not reflected in our clocks due to the different time zones and daylight savings.

Likely places to meet in Brisbane at dawn include: Mt Cootha lookout, Mt Gravatt lookout, and Wynnum Jetty. Please check on the Facebook  closer to the time, or arrange one yourself with a group of friends.

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