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Evangelism Resources:

When we start praying for people to come to know God and for revival, guess what?    God starts to move our hearts and our feet to become part of the answer to our prayers…. and then you’ll want some resources…. see below.

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Evangelism Tracts:

If you are wanting additional sources other than Christian book stores to buy leaflets or tracts to hand out, letter box drop, include with a gift,  check out the following:

Operation 513:   or

UCB Direct or Vision Radio store :

Bill Newman Ministries:

Gospel Outreach:

Some people prefer making up a design for a leaflet, and then paying for a printer business to print a box(es) full of them (could cost around $70 for box of 10,000 small flyers (A6 double sided) when printed in bulk).

Bible & Evangelism Apps

If you are wishing to get bibles into peoples hands, you can encourage them to download an bible app onto their device from google play, apple store etc.

Below is a figure illustrating some of the logos for the bible and evangelism apps (you are free to copy the figure below to use in your own handouts – just check that the apps and info are up to date first- last updated February 2018).

Top Bible App Picks 7Feb18

You may also want to check out the following free bible apps on Google Play (or Apple Store etc):

  • or You Version Bible app by Life Church (social media feel to it)
  • Bible App for Kids by Life Church (Pictures, diagrams, some animation.)
  • Gideons bible app- 1251 languages, text and audio formats including dramatised audio.
  • My Sword Bible App by Riversoft (offline – has bible study resources including an ability to compare different bible translations and original language at the same time.)
  • Number of bible apps are bilingual – meaning that English and another language are written next to each other. Many people from overseas are relieved and excited to find an app in their language with English beside it. Can be used as a way of learning English, or those talking to those that have English as a second language.
  • Bible Gateway
  • Olive Tree
  • Tecarta
  • There are also bible study apps with concordances, dictionaries, Strongs references, maps etc
  • 5 Fish – bible resources in many languages including tribal languages
  • Jesus Film – can watch films about Jesus based upon gospels on your smart phone, plus some other videos about Jesus. The Jesus Film itself is available in 1582 languages on this app.
  • Vision Radio
  • Word for Today (and youth version) Devotional Apps. (Hard copies of these can also be given out- see  Vision Christian Media or UCB which operates out of south side of Brisbane.)

Free evangelism apps that can be downloaded onto your smart phone or device:

  • God Tools – Includes 6 ‘tracts’ and gospel presentations in a number of different languages : Questions about God, Four Spiritual Laws, Honor restored, Knowing God Personally, Satisfied?, The Four.
  • 2 Ways to Live- Explanation of the gospel
  • Chick Tracts- 10 different cartoon tracts 70’s style
  • Bi-Lingual 4SL (4 spiritual laws explanation of the gospel)

  • Gospel in 7 – for people to use when talking to their friends about the gospel



  • Share your Faith App-Similar to bridge to life tracts and they are in 16 different languages with audio.


  • First Steps (for just after someone has received the good news of what Jesus has done for them and decided to follow Jesus)

Bibles to Handout

If you would like to get paperback or hard copy versions of the bible, you can check out Gideons, Koorong, Christian book shops and the bible society.

Gideons Logo

Gideons:  Become a friend of Gideons (monthly donation) and then you can order pocket sized bibles at about $2 each.

Bible Society logo

Bible Society: Talk to someone at the bible society about buying bibles in bulk if you are doing a large outreach.

Free English Classes as means of Outreach:

If you are talking to people that have recently arrived from overseas or who are trying to learn English, please encourage them to go along to as many of the free English classes in Brisbane as they can.   A list of these classes for Brisbane (plus other capital cities in Australia & some overseas locations) can be downloaded from the  website. Many of these classes will be hosted by various churches around Brisbane, and many students are open to asking questions about the bible, Christmas etc.  It is also a good opportunity for them to make friends from these churches and classes.   Some international students only go along to these free English classes in preference to enrolling in paid courses.

Inspirational Jewellery being used for Evangelism

In Sydney, a Christian jewellery designer and her team (of evangelists), are setting up stalls in local markets, women’s events, and major festivals to sell jewellery and in the process of talking about the inspiration (and bible verses) behind the jewellery, a lot of evangelism, prayer for healing and insight occurs with some miracles as well.  Funds raised also assist christian ministries and evangelism. You can read more about it here.  They have also expanded to the USA and South Africa. They are looking for people from Brisbane and QLD to join their team.

Wearing their jewellery, reminds the wearer of God’s promises, and often can also open up discussions with people admiring the jewellery.   (Not all of their inspirational jewellery is currently displayed on their website).   They also have a range of pendants about the Armour of God based upon Ephesians 6.

Armour Of God Bracelet Realm Bracelet