Prayer at Suncorp Stadium

Future Events

Future events at Suncorp Stadium are under consideration after the success of the well attended event on 17 June 19. The details of these plans will be posted when they become available. The next one is likely to be in June on the anniversary of the first one held at Suncorp.


Prayer at Lang Park / Suncorp Stadium

The original plan was to fill the inside of Suncorp Stadium with praying and worshipping Christians from Brisbane, South East QLD and northern NSW on Monday 17th June 2019, however with the logistics not coming together at the last minute, the event for Mon 17 June 19 has now been down sized to a smaller neighbouring venue.

The prayer event named “To Raise a Battle Cry” on Monday 17 June 19 will now consist of a prayer walk around the stadium starting at 6:30pm (open to all) followed by a prayer rally at 8pm for Pastors and Prayer Leaders in the neighbouring PCYC Basketball court. The Prayer Rally will also be live streamed so that all can join in, please check out between 8pm and 9:30pm on Monday night.

However, there are still plans for further prayer events outside and inside the Suncorp Stadium/Lang Park at later dates.

Raise a Battle Cry- Lang Park

Prayer at Lang Park Suncorp 17June19 Flyer

Part 1 – Prayer Walk Relay Around Suncorp Stadium

When: Monday 17th June 2019 at 6:30pm to  approx 7 to 7:30pm.

What: Prayer Walk Relay around the outside of Suncorp Stadium

Where: Meet at 140 Caxton St, in the grassed area that looks towards the main gates of the Suncorp Stadium ready to leave at 6:30pm.

Who can come: Any Christian who wants to pray is welcome to come along. As this will be outside there is no space or seating restrictions, the numbers of people do not need to be capped.

Cost: Free.

Booking: No booking or tickets are required, please just turn up.

Food/Drink: Please bring your own water bottle, though there may be limited number of water bubblers around.  There will be no catering, so if you are not fasting you will need to bring your own juice, coffee, snacks or sandwiches for afterwards.

Please bring:

  • Your Christian friends who like to pray and worship.
  • Own drink bottle.
  • Please wear your winter woolies (overcoat, scarf, beanie, gloves etc) as it will be outside in the evening in the middle of winter.
  • Go Card/ Translink card if you are catching public transport.
  • Smart Phone (or friend with one) so you can watch the live stream of the prayer rally at 8pm if PCYC is full.

Transport/Carparking: The organizers are recommending catching public transport , you can choose to meet at your church carpark and then come in together. Check out for your options.

It is a 15 minute walk from Roma St Train/Bus Station to the stadium- walk outbound along Roma St, cross over Countess St to Upper Roma St, go up the large set of stairs and through The Barracks Shopping Centre (past Coles at Petrie Terrace), crossing over into Caxton St at the lights. Continue along Caxton St until you see the stadium. There are also other bus options- please check out for other options.

Alternatively please car pool (eg from your church carpark), so that the limited street car parking near the stadium can be used by the  aged,  disabled, and not so fit.

Map highlighting 140 Caxton St, in front of Suncorp Stadium where we will be meeting for a prayer walk relay around Suncorp Stadium

Part 2 – Indoor “Raising a Battle Cry” Prayer Rally 8pm-

What: Raising a Battle Cry continued….

When: Monday 17th June 2019 at 8pm to 9:30pm

Where: Suncorp PCYC (Basketball Court)

Aim: Share vision (10 mins) and Pray for our city and nation (remainder of time). The priority is praying for our city and nation and to see revival come, so there will be no special speakers.

Who can come: Pastors and Prayer Leaders have priority to enter basket ball court. There has been quite a bit of interest expressed, so the organizers have had to prioritize Pastors and Prayer Leaders to attend inside as there is a seating/space limitation. The capacity of the Suncorp PCYC (Basketball Court) is approximately 500 to 550 people .

“Prayer leaders” includes those that lead prayer meetings at their church, or lead prayer meetings praying for the city/state/nation. It also includes intercessors and those that turn up very regularly or ‘all the time’ for prayer meetings.


The Prayer Rally will also be live streamed so that all can join in, please bring your smart phone (or friend with one)  and go to between 8pm and 9:30pm on Monday night to tune in and pray along  (or at alternative venue of your choosing).

For those that came to the prayer walk that wish to stay on but cannot fit into the PCYC basket ball court, there will be an overflow area outside where the main meeting can be overheard or separate prayer meetings/huddles can form- whilst you should be able to watch and hear clearly what is happening inside via live stream on your mobile phones.

The organizers may yet make arrangements for a separate prayer meeting to be held simultaneously outside (for the overflow), which would be open to all praying Christians.

Cost: Free

Food/Drink: No food is allowed on the basket ball courts. Please bring your own bottle of water. If you are not fasting, and wish to eat or snack please bring your own to eat outside before or after the prayer meeting.

Shoes: The basketball court managers have requested that no high heels or black soled shoes that could mark the basketball court be worn inside. Sneakers are preferred. You may need to take off your shoes when you arrive, if your shoes are the type that could damage or mark the basketball courts.

Please bring:

  • A heart prepared in prayer and repentance.
  • Bible.
  • Please wear your winter woolies (coat, scarf, beanie etc), the venue could be cold especially if the windows are open. If its not cold inside, outside will be after the prayer event.
  • Own drink bottle.
  • Go Card/Translink card.

To RSVP and for more info: Please contact Tevita Koloi (Tongan Rugby Union Team Chaplain) on 0425 879876

Today God is raising up an army of believers who will pray for and see revival in this nation. Lets come together to rebuild this altar of pray as we raise a Battle Cry over Brisbane!

Did you know?

Did you know this about Lang Park /Suncorp Stadium site?

(a) The site (including Roma St) was an indigenous tribal battleground.

(b) A cemetery was established on the site for free settlers in 1843 and was known as the North Brisbane Burial Ground or Milton-Paddington Cemetery, where several thousand early Brisbane residents were buried. It was closed in 1874, due to hygiene concerns. Some graves were transferred to Toowong cemetery. It was converted to parkland in 1914 and all headstones were removed except for the few that remained near the church.

(c) That a operational church still exists on site- an Anglican Church  called “Christ Church – Milton”.

(c) It was named Lang Park and used as a recreational park until 1955 when the QLD Rugby League took over the site and build timber spectator stands around the site.

(d) Lang Park was named after Rev. John Dunmore Lang who helped mobilize a missionary movement for Australia & the Pacific Islands in the 1830’s.

(e) This Rev. John Dunmore Lang from Scotland was Sydney’s first Presbyterian Minister in  1823. He was also an educationalist,  a politician, an activist, a journalist, and a historian.  He imported a printing press and started a newspaper. He sponsored immigration of 600 free settlers (on ships Fortitude, Chaseley, and Lima) to Moreton Bay. He also advocated for the end of transportation,  for more free settlers, Australian nationalism, federation, full political democracy, and advocated for the separation of Moreton Bay Colony (later Queensland) and Port Philip District (later Victoria) from NSW.  Approximately 70,000 people lined the street for his funeral procession in 1878.


Getting There:

Public Transport: The organizers are recommending catching public transport , you can choose to meet at your church carpark and then come in together. Check out for your options.

Please plan to arrive early, and allow a generous amount of time to travel/walk there, especially if you haven’t been to Suncorp before, as it is important to be there by 6:30pm so that you can join the group on its prayer walk….. before it starts walking.

Please make some allowances for some buses to be full (extra waiting time), as it will not be considered an “event” night, so extra buses will not be scheduled to transfer you to Suncorp Stadium.

The organizers who go nearly daily to Suncorp stadium/Lang Park are recommending Roma St Station over Milton Train Station, if you are planning on going by train.

Map showing the location of the PCYC (BasketBall courts) at Lang Park near Suncorp Stadium

Map showing Roma St Station, Barracks Shopping Centre and Suncorp Stadium

Roma St Station: It is about a 15 minute walk (or just under 1km) from Roma St Train/Bus Station to Suncorp Stadium on Caxton St.

Buses 375, 378, and 382 also leave near Roma St Station opposite the Police station to go to Caxton St, Milton. Check out for their time tables.

To walk from Roma St Station to Suncorp Stadium: Exit at Roma St, walk west or outbound along Roma St, cross Countess St at the lights to Upper Roma Street. Walk up the big set of stairs (or lift) on Upper Roma St into the Barracks Shopping Centre. Continue through The Barracks Shopping Centre (past Coles at Petrie Terrace), crossing over into Caxton St at the lights.  Continue along Caxton St (past pubs, cafes and restaurants) until you see the stadium, and find the grassy park at 140 Caxton St where we will be meeting for the prayer walk.

Milton Train Station: Another option is to walk from Milton Train Station (over 1km walk), and to use the overpass/pedestrian bridge over Milton Rd to Suncorp stadium. You will then need to walk around to the other side (northern side) of Suncorp stadium to Caxton St (which is still a few blocks equivalent walk) by 6:30pm to meet the main group. You may wish to walk up Castlemaine St to 140 Caxton St.

Buses: There are also other bus options direct from your home or if you are going as a group from your church carpark- please check out for these other options.

Car Parking: Please car pool (eg from your church carpark), so that the limited street car parking near the stadium can be used by the  aged,  disabled, and not so fit.  There is no free or paid Suncorp stadium carpark as such, nearest paid public car parks are in the city. Suncorp Stadium was designed to rely on public transport.

On street free car parking will be available as Monday night as it is not an “event night”, and the prayer event is not scheduled during business hours.  So the “Event Night” restrictions on the parking signs will NOT apply. Please check signs in each street, as they all have different hours or restrictions. Examples of parking signs are given below.

Expect a little bit of a walk from where you can park your car to where the prayer walkers will be meeting at 140 Caxton St.

Monday Night Parking Near Suncorp Stadium
Monday Night Parking Near Suncorp Stadium











Parking Signs near Suncorp Example1
Parking Signs near Suncorp -Monday Night will not be a “Event Day”- so you are free to park here.














Suncorp Parking Sign Example 2
Parking Sign near Suncorp stadium- If you are parking at 6pm for 6:30pm event start – no issues.















Suncorp Parking after 4pm
Parking near Suncorp after 4pm- no restrictions, free to park there.














Postscript:  This event is NOT being organised by Brisbane Prays Team nor the National Day of Prayer & Fasting Team, however we are very happy to partner with Tevita and his team to help spread the word about this exciting prayer event.