Prayer Opportunities- Online and at Your Place

Prayer Call Across Australia via “Zoom” and phoning in

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Prayer meetings online using ‘zoom’ ( or by phoning in) are taking place every day of the week except Sunday, during which youtube worship songs are shared, large group prayer occurs and we also divide into smaller “Break out” rooms so that everyone usually has an opportunity to prayer. People from Cairns in the North to Tasmania in the south, plus people from Brisbane & Sydney in the east to the mining areas of Western Australia, from city and country and locations have all been regularly joining in. We have even had an occasional visitor from the USA joining in to pray for Australia with us.

For more information please look at the “Initiatives” page on this website.


International House of Prayer Online 24/7/365

We would also encourage you to use the resource of the live 24 hour 7 day per week 365 day per year prayer room provided by the International House Of Prayer in Kansas City in your homes, and to contextualize it to the Brisbane and Australian situation. The live prayer room can be found at .  A few of the leaders from the International House of Prayer have previously visited Australia and Brisbane to encourage and teach us about prayer.