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National Day of Prayer & Fasting

National Day of Prayer & Fasting :

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National Day of Prayer & Fasting  – Brisbane: (this website)  and our facebook page This is the same facebook page used by Brisbane Prays.


Australian Prayer Network Logo

Australian Prayer Network:

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Generation Fire: A grass roots prayer movement Australia wide and now international.  Prayer & Worship meetings are often called ‘the Furnaces’. National yearly gatherings have occurred in the Blue Mountains, near Taree, Uluru, Tasmania amongst other locations in the past.  A number of mission trips have also occurred to the Pacific Islands, Nepal, and other locations over the years.

Regular online prayer meetings are happening with participants from different states of Australia, and across the globe.  Generation Fire team members from Nepal, Philippines, and Africa also regularly join in. Please see the main webpage on how to join in, the aim is to build up to 24/7 online prayer- which is much easier when people from different time zones are participating.

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Generation Fire facebook pages (national):   and the Brisbane one:


The Firehouse - House of Prayer

The Firehouse:   (Firehouse Link not working Jan 2020.    Cheryl Lindley was coordinating the Firehouse Prayer Meetings  )


40 Days For Life - Praying to end Abortion

40 days for Life – Praying to End Abortion:

Kids Arise Brisbane

Kids Arise : or for more up to date information email Shirley at


Partners In Prayer & Evangelism (PIPES)

Partners In Prayer & Evangelism (PIPES) :  and


Transformers - Prayer Walking Schools

Transformers – Prayer walking school:


Prayer Resources, Training and Schools

Lions Roar:

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Please see details under  Brisbane Southside for the Prayer Room and Blazing Altar Prayer & worship events, which are also training events (learn by doing).  He also runs a number of  part day or one day seminars with bible teaching on prayer and in bringing  issues  to the attention of the body of Christ that need praying into.  Every year or two Glen Vines hosts and coordinates visits from key leaders from the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City.  Glen Vines can be contacted on 0403 062 915 or or facebook for more information.

Watchmen School of Intercession:

The ‘Watchmen School of Intercession’ regularly run courses all over Australia, however they do book out quickly.  To find out when and where their courses are being held please check out

Courts of Heaven

A new understanding of prayer comes when we understand how many legal terms and references are in the bible.  Various teachers/authors on the subject include Natasha Grbich (House of Ariel Gate- South Africa), Robert Henderson, Greg Kurjata – Canada, Jeanette Straus, and Dr Ron Horner.


Sometimes you might be asking a questions concerning Australia like ….

  • How come? Why?
  • What good things have happened in our history? Revivals? Prayer? I want to thank God for what has happened. We want to ‘dig that well’ and ask God to do that again!
  • What sins (or omissions) need to be specifically repented of in prayer for this nation?
  • God’s impressed upon me in a time of prayer that I need to write a letter/submission about a certain topic. Some facts and inspiration would he helpful…..

These websites may be helpful :

  • Christian Research Association
  • Australian Christian History
  • Australian Christian Heritage Foundation
  • Links to Social Justice Groups on this website.
  • The Sapphire Leadership Group and Arthur Burk- a 20 year library of research, resources,  prayers, spiritual warfare, blessings, exploring new frontiers,  redemptive gifts of people/cities/nations and much more in blogs, audio, youtubes and mp3 formats with “free stuff” that you can download.

Freedom from Freemasonry:

The harmful effects of Freemasonry effects families for generations (and the nation), because of its pagan and occult roots, including the (often hidden) worship of the same foreign gods (gods of fertility/ sex cults that were worshiped through immorality & child sacrifice) that the Old  and New Testaments specifically forbade.   Most Masons in the lower degrees, have been purposely kept in the dark about the true (evil) significance of their words, actions & involvement.  Masonry was rife in  UK, USA, Europe and  early Australia; so  we should assume that some of our ancestors were masons;  so all maturing and mature Christians need to renounce it.      Harmful effects include early death, abortion, physical illnesses, chronic diseases, accidents, relationship difficulties, secrecy, financial difficulties, a more distant relationship with God, in addition to the inability to walk into the fullness of their Christian destiny/calling/ministry. Many believe that freemasonry needs to fully renounced and be dealt with (individually and then corporately) before revival can come to our nation.

Charles Finney (revivalist in 1800’s) was a Freemason but he renounced it and repented of its sin. He is quoted as saying: “It is the most anomalous (abnormal), absurd and abominable institution that can exist in a Christian country.”

To gain some freedom from masonry, as a starter, consider asking at the Healing Rooms, their locations can be found on their website  They have a written prayer for renouncing freemasonry that requires a couple of session or a few hours to prayer through with their assistance.

More comprehensive books and courses from local and interstate ministries, for gaining greater freedom from the effects of masonry include:

  • ‘Break Free’ manual from (was Tasmania now NSW) or their one day course.
  • ‘Freemasonry: Death in the Family’ by Yvonne Kitchener from  (a church in Melbourne) (no longer available from Koorong).
  • The Yah Mission church on the Gold Coast occasionally runs seminars on various masonic male and female orders and their various pagan/occult foundations that they are built upon, so that people can gain freedom from them. These courses will also help equip intercessors.   Please contact them on to find out their schedule of courses and (various) locations of where they will be held.

Note that these books and courses are only for Christians that are in the habit of regularly forgiving and repenting, who are familiar with the truths in God’s Word the Bible, who have been baptized and who are committed to a lifestyle of obedience to Jesus. The content in these books needs to be worked through with another Christian or in a group, with prayer cover (not alone).

Corporate Prayer Reminders

  • Corporate topics are best prayed for corporately.
  • Repentance is key.
  • Ask God and the Holy Spirit for his help to know what to pray and how to pray it… and for His heart on the issue.
  • Pray the bible – Turn the Word of God into a prayer eg the psalms, prayers of Apostle Paul, Lord’s Prayer  are some of the easiest places to start.
  • “Stay in your lane” and your level of authority when praying.  We don’t go ordering around principalities, strongholds, corporate levels of anything in the demonic realm. We just ask God – “God can you deal with that? – its too big for us”. “God can you send your angels to deal with this issue?” “God, Can you rebuke them?” (Jude 1:8) Or take it to the court of heaven where we ask God to rule, to bring justice to the situation.
  • Remember to forbid the devil from bringing any backlash, retaliation or retribution as a result of your prayer times against you and your family, at the end of your corporate prayer times. A powerful time of corporate prayer doesn’t mean we should expect to ‘cop it’ the next day or so.  We don’t need any extra “wounded prayer warriors”.
  • If you do “cop it” afterwards you have probably done something “illegal” for your level of authority. We should also deal with what is our “own backyard” and bloodline/DNA first, before we point out splinters in others eyes. (Matthew 7).  If in doubt – pray the bible, or ask our heavenly father to deal with it.
  • Remember as a group to pray Psalm 91 prayers of protection and the protective blood of Jesus over yourself, your family and the prayer group, before finishing the prayer meeting.
  • Some groups like to include or finish off with communion.

Personal Prayer

Note that the groups advertised on the main parts of this website are focused on prayer for corporate issues, the city and the nation – and not for personal needs.

So these are some of your options if you are in need of prayer for yourself or your family:

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    • Ask at your local church;


    • Please consider asking for prayer at the prayer line hosted by the Vision radio station ; or


    • Dropping into one of the Healing Rooms if you are in need of prayer for physical or emotional healing;


    • If you are in need of physical healing, the teachings of Dr Henry Wright and the team come very highly recommended, thousands of people attending their retreats have been healed of many diseases thought incurable over the past 20 years (allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities, thyroid issues, cancer, cardiovascular disease, PTSD etc). They expose the spiritual roots of many disease, so that the underlying sins can be repented of and so that we can start to renew our minds in the Word of God to overcome the causes of these diseases. For example many of us have not heard that fear is sin, yet is leads to many different diseases.
      • Two of their books are available at Koorong “A More excellent Way, Spiritual Roots of Disease, Pathways to Wholeness” and “Exposing Spiritual Roots of Disease, Powerful Answers to Your Questions about Healing and Disease Prevention” both by Dr Henry Wright.
      • More books, downloadable audios, and videos are available directly from their USA store (  such as Insights series: Insights into Cancer/ Allergies/ Cardiovascular Disease / Addictions/ Chemical Sensitivities etc
      • They have some free conferences on their website and clips on youtube.
      • They have an online version of their retreat- For My Life, which covers such subjects as Fathers Love,  Spirit World Realities, Pathways of Thought, Disease Profiles, self pity, accusation, bitterness, envy & jealousy, rejection, addiction, fear, baptism etc.


    • For more in depth prayer and training consider attending some of the Elijah House courses  to learn about and receive prayer ministry. Some of what you will learn about when praying for  families in Elijah House can also be applied to the larger groups of people or “tribes” (a nation resembles a really big family ).


    • Other ministries apart from Elijah House that cover inner healing or prayer ministry include (Andrew Miller), Immanuel moment (Dr Karl Lehmann & Dr Jim Wilder), Theophostic, Sozo and Insight seminars.